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There's much more to a successful network implementation than just servers, workstations, routers and wires.  And nothing can bring business to a screeching halt faster than network issues.  Whether your proposed or existing network consists of two workstations, or two hundred, we've been there -- and we know how to make sure your network works like the asset you want for your business, not a liability.

MapaComm offers installation and support of the leading network brands: Microsoft, Sun, and Linux, as well as support for legacy products such as Novell NetWare, LANtastic and others.

Installing a new network?  We'll get you through all the necessary steps, including:
  • Creating a network design.
    • We'll ask the right questions -- including looking for potential software issues before installation, rather than trying to "fix things" afterward -- and we'll design the network that works best for your business.
  • Helping you to procure any necessary hardware and software at the best possible prices.
  • Providing for the installation of cabling or wireless access points.
  • Handling the physical Installation and setup of all network components such as servers, routers and workstations.
  • Optimization of your newly-networked applications.
  • Training your users.
  • Providing on-going, 24/7/365 support for your network.
Having problems with your existing network?  We'll get you up and running -- fast!
  • We have the right tools to diagnose your network problem -- whether cabling, hardware, or software -- and the expertise to fix it right, the first time.
  • We're available for emergency service 24/7/365.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction.
Put our experience to work for you.  Call or Email us today to discuss how MapaComm can help with your networking needs.


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